What To Expect

Parking Options

For those attending our worship services, you have two parking options:

 - We encourage you to park in the large parking lot at the rear of the main church building. This can be accessed from either Golf Club Road or Franklin Turnpike. The main entry doors under the portico lead into our Welcome Center.

 - You may also park across the street (Golf Club Road) from the Sanctuary (our main building with the tall steeple). You can safely cross the road and enter the Sanctuary through the front doors.

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Entering Our Facilities

As you enter the Welcome Center…

 - Our friendly greeters will welcome you and glad to assist you in any way possible.

 - You will find a Welcome Center Desk, which has helpful information to enhance your visit.  Also, if you are a guest, we would like for you to fill out a “Guest Information” card and we have a gift we would like to give you for visiting with us.

 - This desk also serves as our Children’s Check-in Center, where children ages birth to Kindergarten will need to be signed in before proceeding back to their designated rooms for Sunday school and nursery.

 - Continuing on straight ahead through the Welcome Center, you will see a long hallway leading to the Sanctuary.  Restroom facilities are available along this hallway.

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During the Morning Worship Service

Dress attire ranges from formal dress to relaxed attire. You are welcome to come in what you feel comfortable in.

Our service length is approximately 70 minutes.

Music is a blend of hymns and newer songs and we encourage you to join in during the congregational singing. 

Offering boxes are placed at the front of the Sanctuary as well as in the vestibule. If you are a guest, we have no expectation that you financially participate in this offering. We do ask that you fill out a "Guest Information" card online through our website or at the Welcome Desk.

The sermon will generally be a verse-by-verse breakdown of a passage of scripture and how this applies to our lives today, and last around 40 minutes.

A time of commitment will take place at the end of the sermon, where you will have the opportunity to respond to the message.

Following the time of commitment, the service ends with the singing of a song, a prayer, and important church announcements. The Pastoral Staff will be at the front of the Sanctuary or at the Welcome Center Desk if you would like to speak with one of them.