What to Expect

Parking options:

  • For those attending our worship services, you can conveniently park across the street (Golf Club Road) from the Sanctuary (our main building with the tall steeple).  You can safely cross the road and enter the Sanctuary through the front doors or one of the side doors.  Orange cones are in place to alert any oncoming cars to slow down for pedestrian traffic.   
  • If you plan to attend Sunday School or if you have small children, you may wish to park in the large parking lot at the rear of the church, which can be accessed from either Golf Club Road or Franklin Turnpike.  The main entry door at the rear of the church leads into our Children’s Lobby.   This door is under a large extended roof under which you can drive to drop off passengers during inclement weather.  

Entering our facilities:

As you enter the Children’s Lobby…

  • A friendly greeter will welcome you and present you with a Sunday worship bulletin.  He or she will be glad to assist you with directions. 
  • A Welcome Center is also available to provide you with helpful information about Sunday School class options and classroom locations. 
  • Straight ahead, you will see a long hallway leading to the Sanctuary.  Restroom facilities are available along this hallway. 
  • On your right is the entry to our church nursery.  The person at the security desk will gladly assist you with registering your small children for child care.

As you enter the Sanctuary…

  • You will notice that it is a large sanctuary  with several rows of pews accommodating up to 500 people.  Please feel free to sit wherever you wish. 
  • Prior to the beginning of the worship service, you will notice that announcements of upcoming events and opportunities will be running on the large screen above the choir loft. 

During the morning worship service:

Our worship service blends traditional hymns with contemporary choruses and utilizing creativity and variety.  The service lasts approximately 60 to 70 minutes. Both worship services (8:15 and 10:40) are identical.   

Music is a big part of our worship at Mount Hermon.  In addition to our excellent choir, we regularly feature soloists and ensembles and different musical instruments to lead us in worshipping God. 

We invite you to join in with the congregational singing.  You will notice that the words to the songs we sing are projected on a large screen.  Hymnals are also available for your use if you prefer to hold the words in your hand. 

There will be more than one occasion in the service when a corporate prayer is offered by the pastor or someone else.  We also take a moment in each service to emphasize and pray for our mission work in the community or around the world. 

Each week, an offering is received wherein people are encouraged to worship God through the giving of monetary gifts.   Our ushers pass the offering plates down each row.  Many of our members will place a gift in the plate as it passes them.  No one is forced to give, however, and we certainly place no expectations on our guests.   This is simply an opportunity for worshipers to freely respond to God in a tangible, expressive way. 

Every Sunday, the pastor preaches a sermon based on truths found in God’s Word, the Bible.  A printed outline of the message is available as an insert in the bulletin.  The points of the outline will progressively appear on the screen overhead as the pastor is preaching.  The pastor’s sermon typically will be about 30 minutes in length. 

At the conclusion of the sermon, there will be an opportunity to respond to what God is saying to your life.  Everyone will stand, and a song of commitment will be sung by the congregation, as the pastor extends a public invitation. The pastor will stand at the front of the church to receive those who wish to make decisions (e.g., to become a Christian, to follow Christ in believer’s baptism, to become a member of Mount Hermon Baptist Church, to be prayed for regarding a need in their life.)

Following the invitation, the service ends with a prayer and the singing of a short concluding song.