One Church, Two Services FAQ

Why are we going to 2 services?

We are going to 2 services for a couple of reasons:

  1. 80% Rule — MHBC's current, consistent Sunday morning attendance is right at 80% of the capacity our church can seat.  Once a church’s attendance reaches the 80% capacity mark, the attendance will never consistently grow over 80%.  At this point, a church must make a decision about its next step to deal with growth, and our next step decision is to go to two services.
  2. Two services will also allow those that currently serve at MHBC to attend one service and serve at the other service.  Our church has many people that serve in the nursery, prayer team, counting team, and safety team that often miss multiple Sunday Morning services.  Two services will allow all our members an opportunity to attend the Sunday Morning worship service every week.


What date will the 2 services start?

Sunday, November 26th


What are the new times for Sunday morning once two services start?

8:15 am — 1st Service

9:20 am — Fellowship Time

9:45 am — Sunday School

10:40 am — 2nd Service


What is the “fellowship time” that happens right after the 1st service . . . and where will it be located?

It is a unifying time within our church for people from each service to gather together and fellowship with one another.  Coffee, drinks, and breakfast snacks will be provided in the Fellowship Hall.


What is the structure of each worship service?

We will have two identical worship services and the structure will be similar to our current worship service.


Will nursery be provided at both services?

Yes, nursery (ages Bed Babies to 5 years old) will be available at each worship service.


What does the phrase “1 Church, 2 Services” mean?

As our church is growing and adding a 2nd worship service, our goal is to work diligently to be one unified body of believers.  We are aware that with the addition of a 2nd service this could work toward dividing us.  Therefore, “1 Church, 2 Services” serves as a reminder to all of us at MHBC that although we have grown to need 2 services, we are still one unified body of believers worshiping and serving Jesus together.


I keep hearing the statement “attend one, serve one” . . . what does that mean?

This statement means that we desire all members of MHBC to get involved in serving on Sunday Mornings. We would like for our members to commit to faithfully attending one of the Sunday Morning services and also sign up to serve in the other service time. 

This opportunity allows more people to get involved in serving one another and also allows for all our members to attend a worship service every Sunday Morning.


If I am not already serving but would like to, how do I get started?

Contact Pastor Corey at 434-724-7118 or and he can let you know what service opportunities are available and who to contact for further information.